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tv   Right This Minute  KICU  April 24, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm PDT

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dudeson. hello, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we have great videos and the stories behind them, right here, "right this minute." >> he's pretending to place an order. >> and watch what he does. >> the smack cam video that has police looking for suspects. >> [ bleep ] wrong. >> when you're 4, playing in a washing machine. >> seems like a good idea, seems fun. >> how the fun went away along with the washing machine. a police chase looks like a demolition derby at speeds of -- >> 130 miles per hour.
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>> just when you think it's over. >> give me more units. >> it's not. >> how to get your shot at a new ipad mini and how to start a fire the wrong way. >> get out of the way. >> oh! >> boy is that going to be a mess. an incredibly cruel on-line video fad could land some folks in austin, texas, in some hot water. that fad is called smack cam. >> going to do the smack cam on this [ bleep ]. all right. about to get it done. >> a young boy heads into a wendy's pretending to place an order. watch what he does. he runs out of wendy's laughing into the waiting car and continues to drive down the road, giggling, laughing the whole way. >> [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. [ bleep ]. >> like that's hilarious. >> right. >> that's funny. >> that's assault. >> yes. >> and that poor girl, a
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16-year-old, working there behind the cash register her name is calaybra jones. keye in austin spoke to calaybra. >> i just feel embarrassed, sort of sad, i'm angry. >> as you can imagine it made her mother angrier. >> luckily it was my daughter who is nonconfrontational but had it been someone else that maybe had a weapon or something this could be a totally different headline. >> this is a fad that's been around for about a year. it started out as a vine fad and people are posting these videos to youtube as well. calaybra and her mom are pressing charges against these people hoping this doesn't happen to anyone else and they wanted this video out there. they want people to look at it. >> i just want them to know that that's not okay and i really did hurt emotionally. >> you know what, they're going to hit the wrong person on the wrong day. >> it ain't going to be as funny when they get hit back. >> austin pole say this would
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be a css c mismeanor and fine up to $500. you know how when you're a kid jumping into the dryer or washer seems like a good idea. seems fun. it's not because most of the time you end up like this or a little child in china. >> oh, wow. >> yeah. poor 4-year-old boy got into this washing machine and got stuck. i will say that is a particularly small washing machine. >> yeah. >> poor little guy. >> let's get real. this is a good hiding spot if you're playing hide and seek. can be afraid to go into the laundry room now. >> never going to wash his clothes ever in his whole life. >> firefighters have to bring the saw so they can saw him out. >> oh, man. yeah. >> can you imagine having that
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sound next to your little body? >> wow. looks like they've lost the washing machine to this rescue. that thing is all busted and cut apart. >> these guys are really good at this stuff. they've had enough practice at these types of rescues because in no time the little boy was out, taken to the hospital, no injuries. the only real victim of this entire incident was the washing machine. >> dash cam from a marion county deputy's car, this car catches that deputy's eye. the head lights are off on that car. flips on his blues and pulls this guy over just to simply say, hey, man, want to turn on your lights. pretty dangerous. deputy gets out and begins to approach the car. >> what? >> yep. >> little chirp of the wheels off goes 31-year-old travis weaver. >> 10-31 northbound car coming up to 200. >> gets up to speeds of 130 miles per hour. blowing through red lights, creating a menace in marion
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county. once the deputy catches up to travis weaver the officer uses multiple types of techniques including ramming his car in what's known as the pit maneuver to get the car under control. >> got his lights on now. >> marion, i almost got him. >> 10-4. >> in the grass the deputy's rear wheel drive vehicle spins out. >> we are aimsville road. >> suspect again turning around. the deputy smashing into his car again as the car drives through that ditch. eventually they do get this guy under control. >> tell me that he took off for some other reason. it wasn't just because of the lights. >> it wasn't just for that because here's the mug shot of the guy your glad your daughter is not dating. he was charged with fleeing and eluding, moving traffic violation while his license is
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suspended and dui, alcohol or drugs. everybody, we have an ipad mini to give away. >> to enter you need the buzzword and a twitter account. if you don't have a twitter account don't worry it's easy to create one. >> the buzzword is coming up. you have to be 18 years old and as u.s. resident to enter. >> stand by for the "rtm" ipad mini giveaway. >> you all remember this french bulldog from the other day. 10-month-old chloe, still a puppy. remember this video, somebody comes in and says she's interested in dogs and next thing you know she walks out of the tattoo parlor with the dog and jumps into a car. >> hate that woman. >> employees were trying to run her down. >> i have an update. the good news is chloe is back with her owner. >> oh. that's great. >> you had to know this woman was going to get caught. >> well she didn't get caught just yet because remember i said
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that there had been word and it wasn't verified there might be an ownership issue. according to vancouver pd, there is an ownership issue between the employee of the tattoo par lo who owns chloe and chloe's original owner. >> this was a kidnapping. she was trying to return the dog to the original owner? >> still no specificity on the details. no word on who that woman was who came into the tattoo parlor, but this gets more bizarre. the dog was found by frazier valley regional district animal control. chloe was running loose six days after the dog napping. >> i'm so glad the dog didn't get hit by a car or eaten by another an million. >> why would you risk dog napping a dog, getting caught only to just let it run loose? this really is bizarre. >> i hope she's back in that pink hoodie. buckle up because this helicopter ride is about to get crazy. >> look at the height.
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>> looks like an accident. >> doesn't it? >> all the stunts that will throw you for a loop. and these fifth graders dive right into their talent show performance. >> they're doing the synchronized swimming routine. >> see the skills that have the crowd going wild. >> right.
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well, this looks like a flat out planned hit caught on camera
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in the upper kensington park in philadelphia. there's your suspect in the guy that looks like a sweat suit with his hood up outside this grocery store. walking around on the sidewalk. this dude has a plan. eventually this person here comes out of that little corner store. that's the 21-year-old victim. looks like they have a conversation and the suspect pulls out a gun and this guy is shot five times. people on the street scurry out of there. >> that's in broad daylight. >> absolutely. you didn't see these guys get in some sort of argument. to mes this guy had to know that guy was there and went after him because as soon as he came out of the store within a matter of seconds he's firing at this guy. >> his posture was so disturbing. he did it with such strange confidence and had his arm up as if thhe thought this was cool. >> hard to get a look at what his face looks like. the victim was taken to the hospital. when he got there he was
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unconscious but since stabilized and immediately rushed into surgery so, of course, we hope that guy is okay and we hope the police can track this guy down. from there we hop over to moscow, russia, and if there's any place for people to get along it should be at the strip club. >> why fight at the strip club. >> surveillance video from the streets outside of the egoist. these two guys having a close talk which is strange. the video cuts to this scuffle on the street. kicks, punch, standard run of the mill riff raf. this short guy here, pay attention to him. i'm convinced he has short man syndrome. eventually looks like things are going to end. hegun. >> what? >> fires it in the air. everybody kind of react? >> in russia that was reacting. they backed away. >> oh. >> then watch this he's in the street and pulls outs the gun again and looks like he points it at the people he was arguing with. doesn't look like he fires again there. this is how it ends and some of the guys went back in the club because maybe they paid for a
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lap dance. chuck aaron and he's got the mustache of the red baron. flying the helicopter. >> that looks like an accident. >> doesn't it? this defies gravity, all laws of flight seemingly. aerobatic maneuvers are insane. >> i didn't think it was possible. >> it's a high performance helicopter designed to handle maneuvers like this. it looks like this is a crash. >> it's going down. >> taking my stomach watching it. >> this guy has skills, mad skills. >> and he has a cool mustache. >> right. the stalls, the rolls, the loops, just look impossible. >> looks like he's doing a nose dive into the water. pull poured a glass of water. the gs kept the water in the glass. didn't spill a drop. >> the way he was driving this thing it looks like -- >> how do you figure out you can do this without dying. >> the red bull tag line it
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gives you wings. >> super impressive. this one not so impressive. his friends predicted. >> he's holding on to the handles of a power kite. >> oh, my god. >> guy gets yanked across the field, puts a couple of divots into the grass, comes to a stop. 150 feet away. >> did he let go? >> he did not let go. >> this guy flying a helicopter upside down and this guy can't fly a kite. >> this is what he was trying to do. i'm going to fly it on my belly across the grass. >> the highlights of being in elementary school the elementary school talent show. >> you want to be the best at that talent show, right? you practice really hard. this is at w.a. porter elementary school in hurst, texas. look at these fellas.
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obviously no pool around. they show up behind that blue tarp. >> like water. there is water. >> water. >> this is so spectacular. ♪ >> suddenly you hear the song by johan strauss. ♪ >> they're doing a synchronized swimming routine, the boys. the boys are doing this. was this their idea? >> they are friends all fifth graders. >> two of their parents came up with the idea and helped choreograph the routine. >> oh, great. >> it is spectacular. i can't watch it enough. but you're right, it is considered a female sport and these kids must have the best sense of humor. >> you can't be embarrassed when up with like your eight buddies all in this together. pretty good routine. >> i want to know who choreographed this. >> yeah. >> listen to the crowd. they love it. [ applause ]
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>> that's awesome. >> it's smart too because they don't have to swim. >> yeah. >> they got all the hard parts gone. like this is the easiest synchronized swimming routine ever. i hope they won. >> i know. >> they did win it's tragic. >> right. it's dogs in mcycl. >> this combination i believe is almost as good as peanut butter and jelly. >> on the next "right this minute." and still to come -- dudes getting down a mountain by -- >> grindings cable of this chair lift. it is gnarly. >> see how he turned it into a speed riding rail. plus we have an ipad mini to giveaway. all you need is thursday's buzzword for your chance to win. hihi. . i'i'm m hehenrnry . and i know there are many myths out there
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take a look at this grainy late night security footage. you see that flash. what you're seeing is the explosion of a car that was traveling 110 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. it hit a light pole and exploded. the person driving that car was killed, but the explosion so loud, so violent it woke neighbors nearby. when police get on scene you can see the fire still burning. they try do their best to put the fire out to save the driver. there was no chance of that. didn't hit anybody else, though. >> doesn't look like anybody else was injured in the incident. just the driver. >> why was this guy going 110 miles per hour in a 35-mile-per-hour zone. >> that investigation is still ongoing. they still haven't identified the driver of this incident either. the nexts video shows this driver to be quite lucky. keep your eye off to the right
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side of the highway. looks like an entrance ramp. a car pulls out in front of this truck and doesn't get up to highway speed quick enough. the truck driver slams on the brakes. >> stay up. >> truck barely stays on its wheels. that driver right there, i am certain needed to change their pants. >> oh, boy. >> the driver of the truck probably did too. that is incredible. had he not regained control of that truck would have fallen over and crushed that car. >> yeah. >> i don't know about you guys, but chair lifts on slopes not meant to be used like this. >> yes. >> what? >> yes. grinding on them some. >> yes. using it like a rail. that's incredible. >> that speed rider, he's in france grinding the cable of this chair lift. it is gnarly. ♪ this guy has been wanting to do this for a very long time.
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apparently this is a chair lift that is closed down, no longer in use. >> good. >> probably going to be torn down. so he decided this was his opportunity to try something crazy like this. this is the first time he does this. in this particular video it's his fourth attempt in that day. >> i hope he used old skis. sounds like he ground down the edge on his skis. >> like he almost sawed them in half. >> even if he did ruin his skis apparently he now has a bunch of sponsors that will probably get him some. >> what was more impressive he was able to maneuver this parachute into all these trees. he doesn't go face first into any of those. he stays down the middle. >> maybe he needed to grind the cable to get down there. it's bare ground. >> he's good at steering the parachute. once he done gliding the cables he glides down the mountain. >> that was epic.
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well done. >> the weekend is in sight. we're going to celebrate giving away an ipad mini. >> you will need a twitter account. if you don't have one it's easy to create one. >> enter on our website,, and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter today's buzzword. >> let's reveal the buzzword for thursday. it is comedy. >> get over to and click on the win an ipad mini button and enter thursday's buzzword comedy, that'sc-o-m-e-d-y. >> if you don't win today we're giving away another ipad mini tomorrow. and d't forget toollow us on twitter. >>oodmsgood idea until -- >> oh. >> it just all explodes on her face and hair. >> how a fun time goes up in flames.
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this is a crazy hijacking video. a russian posted it. you know it must be crazy if a russian thinks it is. watch what happens to this woman who's driving on a road, looks like she hits a coyote or dog or something. >> looks like the dog or coyote ran out in the street and sat down in front of it trying to do one of the insurance fraud scams. >> you'll never guess what happens next. >> like a horror movie scene. >> she has her back turned to it and it doesn't attack her but it
6:27 pm
does complete a little bit of something we call grand theft auto. >> oh, my gosh. >> the dog drives off with her car. >> we have two producers here who think this is absolutely real. >> wink wink nudge nudge. >> maybe a real commercial? subaru made this and want it to be viral because it's not on their channel or maybe somebody made this fake and if it's a fake it's a really good fake. >> bug workout. ♪ you know how hair spray bottles have the warning in the back, flammable. this girl should have paid attention to that. check out this group of people in the video from juken. they're all getting excited about this fire that they're going to have in the pit. looks like they've got wood and this guy has a red cup. i'm guessing it's some sort of a
6:28 pm
colorant he's throwing on the wood. >> watch the girl that leans over to ignite the fire. >> get out of the way. >> oh. >> in an instant when she lights the fire it all explodes on her face and her hair. you can actually hear one of the guys in the background predict her hair might catch on fire. >> you have to get away from that. that's going to pop. >> why does the poor girl have to light the fire. >> entirely too much. that's too big of a fire to be that close. >> you never put any kind of flammable liquid in a fire like that because it's a vapor that causes the fire and the vapors travel and why you have this huge fireball. lucky they didn't burn the house down. >> she's also leaning over the pit. not like she's just reaching in. it is crazy gnarly to see her head on fire. even if it's just for a split second. >> start a fire like a normal person? >> like a boy scout. camper boy scout. >> get out of the way.
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>> oh. >> that's going to do it for us here at "right this minute." thanks for joining us. we'll see you next time.
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hi, everybody. i'm beth troutman. we've got great videos from the web coming your way, "right this minute". look. look. >> a farmer looks down his well and discovers. >> something you do not want to tango with. >> what happens when one brave man tries to wrestle a viper. >> record this. >> put the phone down. >> a deputy snatches a guy's phone and puts him in handcuffs. >> she says just relax. >> what? >> hear the twist to this story as he's set free and he's in hot water. a naked dude


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